Bioperene is a new addition to the VigRX ingredients list. It is known to help the body absorb nutrients much more efficiently. It has been found that by using Bioperene in the ingredients, it allows the body to process up to 40% more of the amount of ingredients it would normally process. Meaning that VigRX Plus is going to be much more potent than before.
Damiana (Turneradiffusa Damiana)
Used to treat the bladder for hundreds of years, this plant can be found in Central America. It boosts the oxygen supply to the blood, increasing flow, and sensation meaning a very pleasurable experience.
Asian Red Ginseng
Founded in China a millenia a go, this plant is well known in the Far East as an effective aphrodisiac. Chinese Doctors swore by it for boosting libido and sexual enhancement.
Muira Pauma Bark Extract
Found to have an amazing effect on erections, a study was conducted in 1994 with hundreds of men. It should that over 60% of the participants found that their erections were much larger, stronger and stiffer, along with increased libido and overall a better sexual experience.
Horny Goat Weed, originial name: Epimedium Leaf Extract
Well known in the male enhancement market as the ultimate aphrodisiac, and is used in many different penis enlargement solutions. But why? The plant is well known to increase and distribute nitrous oxide around the body. Something that is well known for relaxing ateries, allowing more blood flow and improving overall health.
Hawthorn Berry
Filled with antioxidents, this berry is well known to help improve the cardiovascualr system, allowing the heart to pump more blood around the body and especially to the penis. Enabling larger erections that last for a much longer amount of time.
Catuaba Bark Extract
An extract that has found to aid in the following in men. They are known to help reduce tiredness, reduce anxiety and help in improving sleep patterns. This helps boost sexual function in men, as anxiety can be a real problem for men in bringing on erectile dysfunction.
Ginkgo Biloba
Helping to improve blood flow to the brain, this herb has been around in Asia for centuries. With an improved blood flow to the head means that your sexual experiences will be more sensational and you will feel much more satisified after sex.
Saw Palmetto
This palm has been known to boost hormonal attributes to testosterone, making the body naturally produce it without the use of drugs. Because of this it has been used in the aid of helping men with sexual dysfunction issues and has shown to help. It is a key ingredient in VigRX Plus.